Dissertation Acknowledgement Writing

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July 18, 2017
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Dissertation Acknowledgement Writing

The Essence of a Dissertation Acknowledgement

Whenever you need to write your dissertation, always remember that it is a complex task, which requires a lot of diligence, hard work and a number of additional pieces. Acknowledgement is one of such follow-up works, which is an inalienable part of every dissertation. It is essential that after a tiresome academic writing students think that carrying out a dissertation acknowledgement will be a piece of cake, but such assumption generally turns out to be wrong.

Being a challenging academic task, dissertation writing requires its every single notion to be perfectly tailored, well-though and written according to all academic standards. Even if it seems to be a little bit purposeless, dissertation acknowledgment writing has a great value in making your work to seem profound and correctly structured.

Speaking about the essence of dissertation acknowledgement writing, its aim is to express one’s gratitude and saying thanks to all who helped a student to cope with dissertation writing. Everyone who has a respect to a certain dissertation must be mentioned in the acknowledgement. Hence, in this type of dissertation writing activity you have to acknowledge everyone who helped you to complete your dissertation.
Dissertation Acknowledgement Writing How-To’s

All in all, after you have written your dissertation, read it through and corrected all mistakes, start a dissertation acknowledgement writing. The following people should be mentioned:

Your guide or supervisor who was leading you through the whole writing process and who was giving you sound tips in terms of what topic to choose, what format to pick up, what exactly to write etc.
People who have inspired you on covering a particular dissertation topic.
People, apart from your supervisor or guide, who gave you valuable hints, advices, tips of how to write a dissertation etc.
People with whom you were cooperating during a writing process, such as respondents, colleagues, fellow-students etc.
Even your parents who might have helped you during the writing process and offered a sheer moral support also deserve mentioning in dissertation acknowledgement writing.
Anyone who has a more or less descent relation to your dissertation must be mentioned as well.

Always remember https://ourwriters.co.uk to make you acknowledgement piece specific. State a certain problem you have covered in your work and then name a person who was helping you in solving it. For instance, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Prof. Smith for offering me the possibility to use his extensive library of economy literature…”

And finally, always take a full responsibility for all possible mistakes in you dissertation. It is your academic piece and you are responsible for its content, structure and formatting.
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